Boogah & Hoogah

Hello Little Monsters!

Once upon a time in a not-very-far-off land called Schpottsylvania, there lived two little goblins. One was a boy goblin who was very silly, and easily distracted, and always seemed to be getting into mischief. His name was Boogah. The was a girl goblin who had very good ideas and always wanted everything Just Right! Her name was Hoogah. Even though they were just about as opposite as two little goblins could possibly be they were (that is to say we are) the very best of friends.

We're two very lucky little goblins; We get to do exciting and interactive concerts and shows called “Boogah & Hoogah’s House” and “BooWho?” in which we get to sing and play with lots of our "little monster" friends (and even meet and greet with them after the show!)

We also have a CD of some of our favorite Halloween songs that can be ordered by clicking right HERE and we have a video- web-tv series in the works! To watch the pilot episode click right HERE. And if you’d like to join our email list to get all the “BooHooNews” click HERE

Finally, we're especially tickled that lots of kids and parents say really nice things about us! We are proud to be (in the words of one audience parent) “the definition of great family entertainment…moral, loving, silly and sensational.” Jeepers, thanks!